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n.1.One who boasts; a braggart.
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Synopsis: Craker is a retired detective and a tenant in a multi-occupied house where a poisoning takes place.
Rob Bent |(Coventry City Council), Steve Mitchell and Jason Craker (Planet Granite)
Maryanne Craker from Australia gave an update on enrolled nursing developments across the Tasman.
HUD Tick brochure(s) required: Strictly Come Dancing - SKV Anton & Erin's Christmas Craker - ENQ Name .
The deceased were engaged by the licenced craker unit for making fireworks for temple festivals in the summer months in the area.
Jessica Craker, the UK marketing manager for ebookers.
Expectedly, then, the Craker men are not shown to share in the nurturance of children.
Survivors include his domestic partner, Shannon Hawkins; two sons, Dean of Eugene and Craig Brito of Cheshire, England; a daughter, Estelle Craker of Adelaide, Australia; and six grandchildren.
Matt Craker, 39, his wife Michelle and their son Freddie, seven, were on their way to Gloucester when they were caught in the pile-up.
Matt Craker, 39, rescued his seven-year-old son Freddie through a window and helped another victim before taking cover on an embankment near the motorway.
Workers who had no option but to take redundancy included Dave Craker, 56, who first went to work for the council as a joiner in 1981.