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n.1.One who boasts; a braggart.
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On the surface one would probably figure he coached more than four individual state cross country champions than Ron Craker (1975), Jim White (1984), Sage (1999) and Sean McNamara (2004).
MAPS is backing one of the would-be marijuana producers, University of Massachusetts at Amherst plant scientist Lyle Craker, who also was involved in the organization's earlier attempt to break the NIDA monopoly.
Capsaicin is the predominant compound in pungent peppers of Capsicun genera and is known to induce depletion of substance P and other neuropeptides from sensory nerve terminals (PALEVITCH & CRAKER, 1995).
It was quickly clear that combining efforts would provide substantial benefits and move us all toward the objective of a grower-controlled, independent data storage repository," says ADC President Ben Craker.
Oscar nominated, multi Grammy-nominated producer of soundtracks, classical and jazz recordings and former Senior Vice President of Sony BMG Masterworks, Christopher Craker was a part of the lineup at the Post Production Hub, as well as award winning sound designer and composer of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, King Kong, Dave Whitehead.
We have some exciting collaborations with Broadway Lodge and Karma Studio's Chris Craker and working with Louie is inspiring.
After Portland State got on the board with an RBI double by Kortney Craker, the Ducks tacked on two more runs via sacrifice flies.
Indeed, at the end of the MaddAddam trilogy, three of the young women give birth to babies who are Craker hybrids and who are described as the "future of the human race" (380).
Synopsis: Craker is a retired detective and a tenant in a multi-occupied house where a poisoning takes place.
Rob Bent |(Coventry City Council), Steve Mitchell and Jason Craker (Planet Granite)
At the centre of the story is the little Craker Blackbeard, who serves as a liaison between his group, the humans and the animals.