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A court-ordered reduction in the periodic payments on the balance of a debt, usually in line with a lower interest rate, sometimes granted to bankrupt debtors.

[So called because it is crammed down, or imposed involuntarily, on the creditor.]
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Some argued that the government should either force them to do so as a condition of receiving bailout money or else allow judges to impose cramdowns of mortgages in bankruptcy (in most bankruptcies home mortgages remain exempt from restructuring).
Chapter 13 cramdowns, as applicable to Chapter 7 debtors as well.
Sanctity of contract may seem like a quaint notion in the age of the GM bailout and government-mandated mortgage cramdowns.
MBA also strongly favored the House's action to vote down an amendment that would have approved bankruptcy cramdowns.
Mortgage cramdowns is another area that could come up in the CFPA discussions on the Hill.
DARE participants will also engage in a fast-paced, roundtable brain trust to discuss timely topics affecting distressed residential assets, including stimulus legislation, bankruptcy cramdowns, vacant property compliance, and government involvement in the housing industry.
Three of our six reported cramdowns were enforced against creditors.
Whether you are dealing with clawback provisions or next round financing, cramdowns or the overhang problem, this definitive book brings you the in-depth, nuanced answers you need to achieve your objectives.
The CEO of one of the largest state leagues sent out a pitifully frantic letter stating that cramdowns would apply to all mortgages.
Government to help stem rising foreclosures through loan modifications and possibly bankruptcy cramdowns are likely to yield disparate results for the Homebuilding and RMBS sectors.
Then the House Banking Committee chairman referenced bankruptcy cramdowns as legislation he would strongly consider resurrecting if he didn't see better results on loan modifications.