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This 25-strong collective is a 'supergroup' combining five bands who had migrated to Kinshasa, formed at the "respectful suggestion" of producer Vincent Kenis of Belgian record label Crammed Discs. Although its members are all from Kasai province, they are from different ethnic groups: the Luba, Songye, Lulua, Tetela and Luntu.
The Belgian label Crammed Discs released their first album in 2005 as the initial offering in their Congotronics series (Congotronics, Craw 27 [2005], CD), and exposed the world outside Kinshasa to the polyrhythmic and trance-inducing music: made by this group.
HHHHWorld CD of the week Konono No1 - Congotronics (Crammed Discs Craw 27) pounds 13.99Billy Jenkins would certainly approve of the general philosophy of Konono No 1, a bunch from Kinshasa who weren't about to let the fact that they sing and play mbiras (thumb pianos) stop them from entering the amplified world.