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 (krä′näKH), Lucas Known as "the Elder." 1472-1553.
German painter and engraver noted for his many portraits and religious works, some of which depict the theological views of his friend Martin Luther.


(German ˈkraːnax)
(Biography) Lucas (ˈluːkas), known as the Elder, real name Lucas Müller. 1472–1553, German painter, etcher, and designer of woodcuts


(ˈkrɑ nɑx)

Lucas ( “the Elder” ), 1472–1553, German artist.
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Muchos talentos copiaron la forma monumental del gran maestro del Renacimiento, el pintor y escultor italiano Miguel Angel, entre ellos Jacopo Carucci, el Pontormo--quien corona el inicio de la exposicion--, asi como Pedro de Campana, Lucas Cranach o Tintoretto.
The book opens with a strand of loose equivalents, pairing Goldin's casual portraits with excerpts of paintings by the likes of Lucas Cranach and Claude Vignon.
Lucas Cranach (1472-1553) is today acknowledged as one of the great painters of the Northern Renaissance, the creator of a large number of remarkable paintings in a distinctive, highly recognisable style.
I woke up thinking about a Lucas Cranach painting of Eros standing next to tall Venus, bees buzzing around his infant head.
Building on the work of Nicholas Davey and Martin O'Kane, O'Hear employs the Gadamerian distinction between Vorstellung (a literalistic representation, like that found in several of the Cranach images), and Darstellung, (a representation that brings forth the essence of something).
Also unexpected is a pre-Lutheran painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder which has been the subject of a number of learned articles.
His collection covers five centuries and includes works by Rubens, El Greco, Delacroix and Cranach.
Two works have been added to Compton Verney's collection of German art, Including a recently-Installed painting, Hercules and Antaeus, by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553), one of Germany's most Important artists.
DR SUSAN FOISTER of the National Gallery will be talking about the role of Lucas Cranach the Elder in the early 16th-century court of Saxony, Germany and Hans Holbein the Younger in London in a talk tomorrow at Compton Verney at 1pm.
Lucas Cranach the Elder: Painting Materials, Techniques and Workshop Practice.
New research indicates the National Gallery's painting Cupid Complaining to Venus by Lucas Cranach the Elder was once in Adolf Hitler's private gallery.