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n.1.See Krang.
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Earlier, Belsham and Baker dovetailed for a resounding 6 and 4 foursomes win over three-time Durham Champion Jessica Hall (Bishop Auckland) and Ella Crang (Darlington).
1st Class Welby Crang, who lived about a block from Bennett and died in France in 1917 from pneumonia.
Under-17/20 women (4.5k): 1 S Haston (NcleUni) 18:28; 2 A Smith (NcleUni) 19:49; 3 J Crang (Gates) 19:57; 4 G Anderson (Gosf) 20:16; 5 E Black(Tyne) 20:23; 6 A Baker (Gates) 20:26.
But rather than summon the cops to investigate the theft, he turns to his pal Crang, the nervy criminal lawyer, hoping he can retrieve the books before their owner gets wind of the crime.
The Storm captaincy in 2015 was initially held by Luke Crang prior to his mid-season retirement, after which No.1 Dan Greenwood took over.
Coventry 42: Martin Knuckey 10+1, Dan Greenwood 9+1, Darryl Ritchings 9, Rob Shuttleworth 6+3, Jamie Halder 5, Conor Dwyer 3, Luke Crang R/R.
COVENTRY Storm's former Bear Luke Crang from Darlington has elected to take time out of the sport after a confidencesapping run of injuries.
Researchers in tourism studies have long acknowledged the need to deconstruct the too simple binary distinctions between "hosts" and "guests", the "local" and "foreign", and the "domestic" and "international" (see, for example, Franklin and Crang 2001; Sherlock 2001), but underlying these categories is the realization that tourism, by its very nature as process and event that require and are defined by mobility, generates encounters.
SPEEDWAY: Berwick Bandits have signed Redcar Bears ace Richard Hall to replace Luke Crang.
Paul Addison and Jeremy Crang have unearthed from the archives the MOI reports covering this critical stage in the war and present them here in unabridged form, accompanied by a helpful editorial commentary at the start of every week, explaining the significant events during the particular seven days and synthesising the findings of the reports.
Elizabeth had five brothers Peter, James Crang, William Henry, Frank and John Harry, her younger sister was Emily Ann Thorne.