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Noun1.Crangonidae - shrimps
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Natantia, suborder Natantia - shrimp; prawns; etc.
Crangon, genus Crangon - type genus of the family Crangonidae
shrimp - small slender-bodied chiefly marine decapod crustaceans with a long tail and single pair of pincers; many species are edible
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Revision of the East Asian species of Crungon (Decapoda: Caridea: Crangonidae).
Among their topics are the feeding ecology of the shrimp Crangon allmanni Kinahan, 1860 (Decapoda, Crangonidae) in the North and White seas; a new species of squat lobster of the genus Munida (Galatheoidea, Munididae) from the Red Sea; reproductive period and recruitment of Penaeoidea shrimp on the southeastern Brazilian coast: implications for the closed season; and a description of a new species of Pachycheles (Decapoda, Anomura, Porcellanidae) from the southern Caribbean Sea.
Seals in Oregon consumed 6 families of non-teleost prey, including Myxinidae, Octopodidae, Rajidae, Loliginidae, Cancridae, and Crangonidae. Salmonid fish occurred in 13.3% of scats collected.
The stomach was collected intact and contained a Pacific cod, Dadus microcephalus, otolith; Arctic lamprey, Lampetra camtschatica, mouth parts; fragments of invertebrates from polychaetes (Polynoidae) and Nereis sp.; and shrimp (Crangonidae); and a few nematodes.
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Shrimp of a number of taxa (Pandalidae, Crangonidae, etc.) are captured in bottom trawl hauls and the shrimp abundance (kg/ha) for each bottom trawl haul was used as an index of the amount of prey available at the trawl survey station for the shrimp-consuming species.
vicarius 73-800m Pandalus amplus 553-1986m Plesionika corinirostris 360-380m Crangonidae Metacrangon procax 1209-1658m Pontophilhcs occidentalis 1789-4082m Paracrangon aerolata 1238-1246m Scleroc'rangon atrox 1209-1238m Gl-yphocrangonidae Glyphocrangon spinulosa 1157-1586m G.
Milne-Edwards, 1867 Corophium affine Bruzelius, 1859 Crangon crangon Linnaeus, 1758 + Crangonidae sp.
Strong maternal effects and extreme heterogeneity of progeny development in the caridean shrimp Sclerocrangon boreas (Crangonidae).