Crank shaft

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a shaft bent into a crank, or having a crank fastened to it, by which it drives or is driven.

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On dismantling and inspection, the crankpin of the second plunger of the crank shaft was found to have sheared off.
However, this special crank train arrangement also enables, beside a piston motion with a longer expansion than compression stroke, 4-strokes in one crank shaft revolution.
Supply of the company's yearly consumption from different sizes of compressors crank shaft sleeves made from special metallic alloy for tractors.
It also has the highest melting point of any bio-based aliphatic polyamide, making it very suitable for applications needing high heat resistance, such as engine covers for turbo engines and crank shaft covers.
EF4 is generally designed based on its sister EF7, while the pistons, rods, crank shaft, valve timing system and crankcase have been partially changed.
INCLINO and CSD Check join this product portfolio (INCLINEO) is designed for precision measurement of flatness and levelness of machine surfaces whilst CSD Check introduces laser measurement to the marine industry for checking Crank shaft deflection on marine turbine engines.
Any way to get one of those DQ'd NASCAR crew chiefs to fix the leaking crank shaft on my Mitsubishi Gallant that no one else seems to be able to figure out despite all their stupid diagnostic machines, super-duper scanners and metric box-head screwdrivers?
MILLIONS of British men have been branded "car bluffers" who don't know a big end from a crank shaft.
the engine RPM or the number of revolutions made by the engine crank shaft each minute.
A rope is attached to the crank shaft and passed over the loose roller at the top.
With the fault diagnosed and the crank shaft in need of replacement, Julian faced another very expensive job.