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An ancient Irish dwelling or fort built on an artificial island in a lake or marsh.

[Irish Gaelic crannóg, wooden structure, pole, from Middle Irish crannóc, from Old Irish, from crann, tree.]


(ˈkrænəɡ) or


(Archaeology) an ancient Celtic lake or bog dwelling dating from the late Bronze Age to the 16th century ad, often fortified and used as a refuge
[C19: from Irish Gaelic crannóg, from Old Irish crann tree]


(ˈkræn əg)

also cran•noge


1. (in ancient Ireland and Scotland) a lake dwelling, usu. built on an artificial island.
2. a small, artificial, fortified island constructed in bogs in ancient Scotland and Ireland.
[1850–55; < Irish crannóg]


A dwelling built on a natural or artificial island in a lake or bog by ancient Celtic peoples in Ireland and Scotland. Such sites, often fortified, were chosen because they were easily defended.
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Known then as the Guinness 600, it had an immense profile from the start and the first running was won by the great bitch Cranog Bet.
Gardai were called after a neighbour spotted the suspicious device at Cranog Close in Ballymun.
Cranog Davies was a well-known figure in his local community of Pontypridd, after serving its residents for more than half a decade.
THEY may be sponsoring the 600-yard Classic at Shelbourne for the first time, but the Betfair 600 is the oldestsponsored major competition in the Irish calendar, having been run for the first time back in 1964 when that great bitch Cranog Bet was the winner.
His father Cranog, a training officer, and mother Mari, a nurse, are very proud of his achievements but he said: ``My father wasn't overly delighted when he found out I wanted to cook because it was such a tough job.
But Shelbourne, as ever, will be the main focus with three absorbing finals, highlighted by the long established Hegarty Bookmakers 600 final, the first major event in Ireland to be sponsored as far back as 1964 when the first running was won by the legendary bitch Cranog Bet.
Shaws Dilemma, the 6-4 favourite, who was endeavouring to become the first bitch to record back-to-back Oaks triumphs since Cranog Bet in 1964, could never get competitive after early bother and finished fifth.
If Shaws Dilemma did manage to become only the fifth bitch ever to win the Oaks twice - following in the paw-prints of Queen Of The Suir (1932-33), Lizette (1953 and 1955), Ballinasloe Blondie (1961-62) and Cranog Bet (1963-64), there is every chance she could return next year in a bid to make history.
SHAWS DILEMMA, the defending champion, is set to become the first bitch to retain the Oaks since Cranog Bet in 1964.
SHAWS DILEMMA, attempting to become the first back-to-back winner of the bitches' Classic since Cranog Bet (1963-64), strengthened her position at the head of the William Hill Oaks market with a fastest-of-the-night first-round v ictory at Wimbledon on Saturday.
59sec Wimbledon workout on Friday night, and will bid to become the first bitch to land back-toback triumphs since the Phil Reestrained Cranog Bet in 1963-64.