Crater Lake

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Crater Lake

A lake of southwest Oregon in a volcanic crater of the Cascade Range. At 594 m (1,949 ft) deep, it is the deepest lake in the United States.

Cra′ter Lake′

a lake in the crater of an extinct volcano in SW Oregon. 1932 ft. (589 m) deep.

crater lake

nlago vulcanico
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Daylight won across Chilcoot that same day, dropping down five hundred feet in the darkness and the flurrying snow to Crater Lake, where he camped.
Those below, without firewood, on the bitter rim of Crater Lake, heard from the driving obscurity above them a weird voice chanting:
Two miles beyond Crater Lake lay Happy Camp--so named because here was found the uppermost fringe of the timber line, where men might warm themselves by fire again.
Crater Lake National Park is proposing an increase to entrance fees into the park.
Additional reporting by Hany Muhammed A sign located near the Water Crater lake - Courtsy of Hany Muhammed Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung, Indeonsia - Courtesy of Hany Muhammed
But the impact on the Willamette and Siuslaw national forests, Crater Lake National Park and some health programs for low- income families was less clear.
5,577 feet), visitors can get an incredible panoramic view of Kirishima's undulating mountainous terrain and Onami Pond Crater Lake.
Browsing through the pages of "Crater Lake & Beyond: The Land of Fire & Ice" is the next best thing to a personal visit to the breathtaking sapphire blue water, primeval moss-covered forests, awesome lava formations, and waterfalls of Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon.
It may not be as majestic as the fictional Itomori crater lake, but Ikegahara offers its own natural charm that may win over tourists just the same.
For me, one place in the West has always ranked high in terms of destinations to dream about, and that is Crater Lake National Park.
I could devote hundreds of words to Crater Lake in Oregon, and not come as close to its overt magic as the briefest Google Image search.
Earthquake and volcano monitoring service GNS Science elevated the alert for Mount Ruapehu, saying the mountain's crater lake temperature had doubled in the past few weeks.