Craters of the Moon

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Cra′ters of the Moon′

a national monument in S Idaho: site of scenic lava-flow formations.
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These surreal geologic formations are home to an amazing range of colorful flora and fauna, including the sage grouse, lava tube beetle, Craters of the Moon Buckwheat, and beautiful limber pine.
The southern part of the park is comprised of the spacious Craters of the Moon Wilderness.
Formed by lava flows, Craters of the Moon National Monument's moonscape quality saw it used as a training area for early US astronauts.
Hitchcock would have loved making a movie at Craters of the Moon National Monument in the winter: the landscape is already a stark black and white; temperamental actors would think twice about stomping off the set into the middle of nowhere; and there's a ready-made air of mystery about the place.
In the balance are such far-flung properties as the former military base at the Presidio near San Francisco, a tallgrass prairie preserve in Kansas, and even the Craters of the Moon - not the ones on the lunar surface, to be sure, but the park by that name in Idaho, whose borders are to be slightly adjusted.
AT first sight, Craters of the Moon, located at the base of the Pioneer Mountains, 18 miles west of Arco, ID, looks like an awful wasteland, desolate and strange, stark and forbidding.
Presolicitation: ID NPS PP CRMO 2016(6), Pavement Preservation Craters of the Moon
A handful of travelers revisit the 1920 route of explorer Robert Limbert, whose reports of Craters of the Moon played a key role in the park's designation.
One of the best places on Earth to find these lunar analogs is the Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve (CoM) in the Snake River Plain of Idaho.