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A synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic, C18H20FN3O4, of the fluoroquinolone class.



n levofloxacino, levofloxacina
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These brands include Zantac tablets and injection, Risperdal tablets, Concord tablets, Cefspan capsules and suspension, Fortum injections, Ciproxin tablets and infusion, Canesten-V tablets and cream, Caflam tablets, Zovirax injection, tablets and cream, Amikin injection, Imuran tablets, Neupogen injections, Prozac syrup, Engirex B injection, Cravit tablets, Singulair tablets and sachets, Cell Cept tablets, Losec infusion, Tamiflu capsules, Taxol injection, Eprex injection.
5mg, 5mg & 10mg, Cefspan Capsules 400mg & Suspension, Fortum 250mg, 500mg & 1gm injections, Ciproxin Tablets 100mg, Infusion 100mg & 200mg, Canesten-V 100mg & 500mg Tablets & Cream, Caflam Tablets 50mg, Zovirax Injection 250mg, Tablets & Cream, Amikin Injection 100mg, 250mg & 500mg, Imuran Tablets 50mg, , Neupogen Injections 300mcg, Prozac Syrup, Engirex B Injection 10mcg & 20mcg, Cravit Tablets 250mg & 500mg, Singulair Tablets 4mg, 5mg & 10mg & Singulair 4mg Sachets, Cell Cept Tablets 500mg, Losec Infusion 40mg, Tamiflu Capsules 75mg, Taxol Injection 30mg & 100mg Eprex injection 1000IU, 2000IU, 3000IU, 4000IU, 10,000IU & 40,000IU.
The results of antimicrobial activity showed that pneumococci were resistant to the cefspan, septran, cravit, pipemetic acid, azomax, bacitracin, and penicillin and a clear zone of inhibition was observed on clithromycin, optochin, cefizox, genatamycin, minocyclin, levoflaxacin, and vancomycin.
Zedd was founded by Craig Meilleur, Michael Cravit, Mike Rossman and Craig Minor, who have spent two decades operating call centres.
Sankyo and Daiichi Pharmaceutical have a broad range of major drug products on the Japanese market, including the antihypertensive Benicar (olmesartan medoxomil) and the synthetic antibacterial agent Cravit (levofloxacin).
Currently, levofloxacin is marketed under the trade names of Cravit in Japan and Levaquin in the US.
The company said sales of its main products slipped in the fiscal first half, with sales in Japan of its Cravit antibacterial agent falling by 1.
Before joining Douwe Egberts, Wonder was the account director at David Cravit & Associates Advertising.
Partnering with them now is really a matter of giving Zedd a bit of a head start and competitive advantage," said Michael Cravit, Executive Vice President of Zedd Customer Solutions.
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited today announced that it has obtained approval for partial changes concerning a supplementary indication of their new quinolone antibacterial injections, Cravit Intravenous Drip Infusion Bag 500mg/100mL and CravitA Intravenous Drip Infusion 500mg/20mL (generic name: Levofloxacin Hydrate) to treat bacterial infections of urology, surgery, and gynecology.