Crazy Glue

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Noun1.Crazy Glue - a commercial brand of epoxy glue
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
epoxy, epoxy glue, epoxy resin - a thermosetting resin; used chiefly in strong adhesives and coatings and laminates
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In a hoax story circulated in May 2017, a Middle East man reportedly sealed his wife's vagina with crazy glue in suspicion of his wife's likelihood of cheating on him while he was away on a 12-day safari.
While best known for his ground breaking deals with Budweiser and Goodyear, Wolff brought many smaller companies such as Heet, Sharp Electronics, Jeffrey Martin, Milwaukee Beer, and Crazy Glue to the national advertising market place.
The handiest of men, Justin repairs Junes broken heel with his ever-present penlight and some Crazy Glue. Justin is nothing if not prepared.
I guess it means I cannot repeat Bernal's considered opinion about who has the smallest tool in the film industry of his time, I must desist from identifying the venerable actor who found an ahas na bingi under his bed, I need crazy glue to prevent me from echoing Lino Brocka's horrified scream of 'Ecsta-NO!' at the sight of a pro-active protrusion that had earlier driven Bernal to rave 'Ecsta-SI!' I may not speak, by the same token, about the difficulties he experienced in doing a short film for Amnesty International about the late unlamented Alex Boncayao Brigade and its pet peeves.
"I have tissue and some crazy glue in case I flip a fingernail, a little flat mirror in case I have to fix an eyelash or somethin', and a few cosmetic things for if I have to take a little break.
There are a large number of adhesives available, such as white multipurpose (Elmer's), epoxies of various consistencies and cure times (Acraglas, Acraglas Gel, Devcon, Marine-Tex, etc.), Urethane glues (Gorilla Glue), cyanoacrylate adhesives (Crazy Glue), hot glues, and thread locking compounds (Loctite and clones.) How about an article on adhesives covering pros, cons, and what uses each are best for?
As company legend goes, a Toagosei executive playing with the product was shocked at how fast it worked and exclaimed, "This is the crazy glue!"
While he was there alone, as a "congratulations" to me on my promotion, he proceeded to Crazy Glue everything on my desk ...