Platystemon californicus

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Noun1.Platystemon californicus - California plant with small pale yellow flowersPlatystemon californicus - California plant with small pale yellow flowers
poppy - annual or biennial or perennial herbs having showy flowers
genus Platystemon, Platystemon - one species: creamcups
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com) Monkey Joe's :  Everybody coming to Monkey Joe's indoor play centers on the National Ice Cream Day will get free ice cream cups.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Nandini 40 ml Ice Cream Cups to Mother Dairy, Bangalore.
Those who grew up in the '80s might be reminded of the slabs of dry ice that came with boxed orders of Magnolia ice cream cups.
The iconic iced dog bone cookies and single-serve ice cream cups from the State Fountain Bakery at Mississippi State University are commonly seen at wedding receptions throughout the Southeast.
Then it's off to the recipes for such succulent creations as Blueberry Coconut Dreamsicles, Boston Cream Cups, Banana-Toffee Pie, and Ross's bestseller, Most Favored Raspberry Macadamia Cake.
Filled cones and children's lollies bucked this trend, bringing new consumers to the sector over the summer months - and there was a strong performance from ice cream cups, a relatively new part of the market.
The police also found the used ice cream cups emitting foul smell in the hotel room.
The grocery store was running low on individual ice cream cups, so we also bought some Italian ice in small containers.
CHILL OUT Take an ice cream break with your fave flave served up in Meri Meri ice cream cups ($14.
The Ferentino factory is the only site producing Coppa del Nonno ice cream, a 60-yar-old exclusively Italian brand sold in multipacks and in single-serve ice cream cups.
The Skinny Cow has introduced single-serve, low-fat ice cream cups.