ex nihilo

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ex ni·hi·lo

 (ĕks nē′ə-lō′, nī′-, nĭ′-)
adv. & adj.
Out of nothing.

[Latin ex nihilō : ex, out of + nihilō, ablative of nihil, nothing.]

ex nihilo

formal out of nothing

ex ni•hi•lo

(ɛks ˈnaɪ hɪˌloʊ, ˈni-)
adv., adj.
out of or from nothing: belief in creation ex nihilo.
[1650–60; < Latin]

ex nihilo

[ˌeksˈnɪhɪləʊ] ADVex nihilo
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A este respecto, San Buenaventura se vale de la doctrina de las apropiaciones para profundizar en el rol especifico que cada Persona desempena en la creatio ex nihilo.
All right, let's admit it--analyzing Trump's position on religion feels like an exercise in conjuring light out of darkness, a kind of creatio ex nihilo, as it were.
However, the word bara is generally understood to be used in the Creation account to denote creatio ex nihilo, creating something from nothing (yesh me 'ayin).
Looking in turn at God in himself and God's outer works, he addresses such topics as eternal generation, Trinity and creation, creatio ex nihilo and creaturely goodness, soteriology and the doctrine of God, and reflections on Congar's Tradition and Traditions.
Another example is whether the transition from the variety of biblical theologies of creation to the doctrinal formulation of creatio ex nihilo is a legitimate development.
37) This is Aquinas's well-known answer to the objections to creatio ex nihilo that reduce creation to some change or transformation.
7) Justin's younger contemporary Theophilus of Antioch moved closer to an affirmation of creatio ex nihilo.
By accepting the existence of a "precosmic world," which is not "a world absent of matter," in the Genesis story, Walton appears to have given up the traditional Biblical doctrine of creatio ex nihilo.
But the author goes on to show clearly the incoherence of arguments that physics is now able to explain the origin of the universe "from nothing" in anything like the theological sense of creatio ex nihilo.
one of creation, provided we do not restrict our understanding of the term to the traditional, but postbiblical, doctrine of creatio ex nihilo.
The reception of Eriugena's creatio ex nihilo in the histories of philosophy of Brucker, Tennemann and Rixner
Y es tan importante el impacto que acarrea el concepto de creatio ex nihilo, que no solo viene a conmocionar el ambito filosofico y religioso, sino que asimismo sin duda produce un cambio en el ambito intelectual en general.
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