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Belief in the supernatural origin of the universe or of humans and other living things, especially as based on the literal interpretation of the account of the creation related in the Bible.

cre·a′tion·ist adj. & n.




1. (Theology) the belief that God brings individual human souls into existence at conception or birth. Compare traducianism
2. (Theology) the doctrine that ascribes the origins of all things to God's acts of creation rather than to evolution
creˈationist n
creˌationˈistic adj


(kriˈeɪ ʃəˌnɪz əm)

1. the doctrine that the true story of the creation of the universe is recounted in the Bible.
2. the doctrine that God creates out of nothing a new human soul for each individual born.
cre•a′tion•ist, n., adj.

creationism Theology.

a doctrine that God creates a new soul for every human being bon. Cf. metempsychosis. — creationist, n. — creationistic, adj.
See also: Soul
the belief concerning the creation by a transcendant God of the universe, matter, and living organisms out of nothing. — creationist, n.
See also: Cosmology
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Noun1.creationism - the literal belief in the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesiscreationism - the literal belief in the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesis; "creationism denies the theory of evolution of species"
doctrine, ism, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought - a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school
creation science - an effort to give scientific support for the truth of the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesis


[kriːˈeɪʃənɪzəm] Ncreacionismo m


[kriˈeɪʃənɪzəm] ncréationnisme m


nKreationismus m
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It has prompted concerns among many people as the Northern Irish party are staunchly against same-sex marriage and abortion and have climate change deniers and young-Earth creationists within their ranks.
As for those with no religious preference, 57% report a belief that does not involve God, while only 9% are creationists.
Both young earth and old earth creationists maintain that their interpretations of Genesis 1-11 are scientifically valid because God inspired the account and God cannot lie.
Creationists, on the other hand, do not bother to consider the evidence at all - or if they do, they ignore it if it contradicts their literal interpretation of a Bronze Age "holy" book.
Evolutionists argue that creationists want to force their religious views into the text, but just the teaching of biology accomplishes that," he said.
In Louisiana, creationists have seized on the ruse of "supplemental" material to sneak creationist lesson plans in through the back door.
Darwin's pious idea; why the ultra-darwinists and creationists both get it wrong.
London, Mar 28 (ANI): An ancient cave drawing high on a rock formation in Utah has ignited a firestorm between creationists and scientists.
The authors are experienced teachers and committed biblical creationists.
While various religions and cultures have their own creation myths, mostly written back in the Bronze Age, there are now Creationists who are inventing pseudo-science based on their interpretation of the Bible or other ancient books, and attempting to wedge this into the teaching of evidence-based science.
Second, creationists generally do not claim that an intermediate organism cannot exist.
The creationists are right but they've got their arguments wrong.