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The light brown foam on top of a serving of espresso.

[Italian, cream, from Middle French crème, from Old French cresme; see cream.]
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The focus and driving motivation of many of the CREMAs which have been registered thus far is the creation and expansion of livelihood opportunities: Avu Lagoon CREMA in Volta Region is concerned with an aquatic antelope species, the sitatunga, which, until recently, had been thought to be locally extinct (personal communication, Sheppard 2010) and with developing eco-tourism; the CREMA being developed in conjunction with the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary is focused both on ecotourism and on developing livelihoods based on harvesting shea nuts (personal communications, Sheppard 2010; Mason 2010); Murugu-Mognori CREMA, adjacent to Mole National Park, is focusing on developing eco-tourism and hunting tourism opportunities (interviews with CREMA executives).