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a. cremastérico, referente al músculo cremastérico del escroto.
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It must be performed at comfortable room temperature and with warm hands to minimise cremasteric reflex activation [3, 5].
You can test your cremasteric reflex by stroking your inner thigh.
The clinical features (pain < 24 hour, nausea/vomiting, abnormal cremasteric reflex, high position of the testis, positive Prehn's sign) had 100% sensitivity for the diagnosis of testicular torsion.
Grade 3: peritesticular reflux during the Valsalva maneuver; overt varicocele with early-stage varices of the cremasteric vein.
He was in grumpy mood, his right scrotum was red and swollen, and the cremasteric reflux was absent (Figure 1).
The cremasteric reflex, anal reflex, knee tendon reflex, and Achilles tendon reflex were absent.
The cremasteric reflex, lightly stroking the inner thigh, which normally retracts the scrotum, is generally absent in testicular torsion (Gunther & Rubben, 2012).
For undescended testis, after dissection of hernia and cremasteric muscle and preservation of spermatic vessels and vas deferens, a subdartos pouch was developed via hypospadias incision.
The ilioinguinal and the iliohypogastric nerves are generally injured during the elevation of the external oblique fascial flaps for fixation of mesh, while the genitofemoral nerve is most likely to be injured during the isolation of the cord and stripping of the cremasteric muscle fibres in Lichtenstein repair.
Furthermore, vasculature injury commonly includes "the cremasteric artery, internal spermatic artery, branches of the inferior epigastric vessels, deep circumflex artery, and external iliac vessels [4]." The etiology of postinguinial repair hemorrhage is rarely the Sampson artery.
Although some scientists suggested that collateral blood flow through the cremasteric and deferential arteries is ineffective in cases of testicular artery ligation (Raman & Goldstein, 2004), the anastomotic channels between the testicular artery and deferential artery have been demonstrated by dissection and radiographic studies (Mostaf et al.; Polguj et al.,).