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a. cremastérico, referente al músculo cremastérico del escroto.
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The cremasteric reflex, anal reflex, knee tendon reflex, and Achilles tendon reflex were absent.
The cremasteric reflex, lightly stroking the inner thigh, which normally retracts the scrotum, is generally absent in testicular torsion (Gunther & Rubben, 2012).
For undescended testis, after dissection of hernia and cremasteric muscle and preservation of spermatic vessels and vas deferens, a subdartos pouch was developed via hypospadias incision.
The ilioinguinal and the iliohypogastric nerves are generally injured during the elevation of the external oblique fascial flaps for fixation of mesh, while the genitofemoral nerve is most likely to be injured during the isolation of the cord and stripping of the cremasteric muscle fibres in Lichtenstein repair.
The testis has three fold vascular supplies, the testicular artery, artery of the vas and cremasteric artery.
4 Your cremasteric muscle protects your testicles when you feel threatened by moving them closer to your body.
The scrotal wall consists of the following layers (from superficial to deep): skin, superficial fascia, dartos muscle, external spermatic fascia, cremasteric fascia, and internal spermatic fascia.
Hence, accidental ligation of testicular artery would not affect sperm production or lead to testicular atrophy except if the cremasteric and the vassal arteries were compromised by hernia repair.
Abdominal reflex, cremasteric reflex, tendon reflexes disappeared bilaterally.
The etiology of prenatal testicular torsion has not been elucidated fully, but difficult delivery, breech presentation, large baby, hyperactive cremasteric reflex and multiple pregnancy have been reported to be predisposing factors (3).
1,2) Patients most commonly present with testicular pain, a high-riding testicle with a possible horizontal lie, and an absent cremasteric reflex on the affected side.
Lower abdominal and cremasteric reflexes were lost and plantar reflexes were bilaterally extensor.