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Any of various extinct carnivorous mammals of the order Creodonta of the Tertiary Era.

[From New Latin Creodonta, suborder name : Greek kreas, flesh; see kreuə- in Indo-European roots + Greek odous, odont-, tooth.]


(Palaeontology) any of a group of extinct Tertiary mammals some of which are thought to have been the ancestors of modern carnivores: order Carnivora
[C19: from New Latin Creodonta, from Greek kreas flesh + odōn tooth]
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2008): Creodonts and carnivores from the Middle Miocene Muruyur Formation, Kipsaraman and Cheparawa, Baringo District, Kenya.
I have observed multiple tooth pits and probable beak marks on these fossil primates, which are direct evidence for creodonts and raptors consuming these primates," Discovery News quoted researcher Kirsten Jenkins as saying.
Bone crushers first appeared among the creodonts, the first order of mammals to take over the land.