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Learning to communicate science effectively through writing is another key ingredient of CREs. Lab reports, research summaries, essays for a more general audience, and poster presentations are different ways of practicing this skill.
Photos and further details on the award recipients and projects are available through CRES. Please contact Aurora Arlet for more information.
City police spokesman Pol Maj Gen Piya Uthayo said police are now responsible for stepping up security at the rally site and preventing violence following the restructuring of the CRES. (ANI)
Today, the branch is located at a larger site at 13 Commerce Cres., and employs four inside sales people and two outside sales people, says Gord Smith, branch manager.
Her birth was due largely to artificial insemination techniques developed at the CRES. Researchers at the CRES have not only had success with pandas, but also with breeding other high-profile species such as cheetahs and the California condor, to name just a few.
Many of those CRES components were installed while the ship was under construction, but since then, other steel parts have been replaced with components made from CRES.
From issues of organization to employee education, customer service is the be-all-and-end-all at CRES.