n.1.Increase; enlargement.
And toward the moon's attractive crescence bend.
- H. Brooke.
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He first brings up the former province early in the play, in a dialogue with his sister Crescence concerning his friend, Count Adolf Hechingen, who is living a rather troubled postwar life by virtue of his unhappy marriage to Antoinette.
The Moravian-born Crescence Seilern married Karoly Zichy, a Hungarian nobleman patriot, in 1819, a time when the predominant Hungarian national concept, known to Hungarian scholars as the natio hungaria, equated membership in the Hungarian nobility with membership in the Hungarian nation.
Sollicitudini Nostrae de Benoit XIV (1745) et l'affair Crescence de Kaufbeuren, Paris, Cerf, 1984, pp.
Hans Karl, unwilling accomplice in the tactless match-making plans of his sister, Crescence, is charged with acting as intermediary between his nephew, Stani, and Helene Altenwyl; at the same time his comrade-in-arms Hechingen begs him to act as go-between on his behalf with Antoinette, Hechingen's estranged wife.