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Even the veteran judge, accustomed as he was to legal ambushes and masked batteries in criminal procedure, was not sure that his ears were not deceiving him, and asked counsel what it was he had said.
I know all that, for it is with the justice of all countries especially that I have occupied myself -- it is with the criminal procedure of all nations that I have compared natural justice, and I must say, sir, that it is the law of primitive nations, that is, the law of retaliation, that I have most frequently found to be according to the law of God.
The police registered the case against the Congress leader , who also represents Murshidabad constituency of Lok Sabha, on Friday under Section 156 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).
House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, had designated a House Select Committee on Criminal Procedure Reform.
An official source said the annulment of the criminal procedure does not negate its right to take legal action on financial rights of these banks and companies, the report said.
An official source at the Public Prosecution said the annulment of the criminal procedure on security cheques does not negate its right to take legal action on financial rights of these banks and companies.
Bulgaria's special anti-mafia tribunal will start operating in the summer of 2011 after the parliament voted that the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code should come into force six months after their adoption.
The expression was unknown to the criminal procedure law in the 18th century.
Criminal Litigation & Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure, third edition
In that time, he established himself as one of the half-dozen greatest twentieth-century American scholars of criminal law and criminal procedure.
In July, the Criminal Justice section of the American Bar Association (Chicago, IL) published "Street Legal: A Guide to Pre-trial Criminal Procedure for Police, Prosecutors and Defenders," a new book that examines the Fourth Amendment and the application of such terms as 'search,' 'seizure' and 'reasonable suspicion.
On December 1, 2006, Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41 was substantially revised.

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