Criminal action

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(Law) an action or suit instituted to secure conviction and punishment for a crime.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'All the sector in charges and DSPs have been strongly suggested that if any fatal accident occurs in their jurisdiction, they should encourage the complainants/victims to approach police for initiating criminal action', the CTO said.
I am asking him to answer legally and if he doesn't, I will be taking a criminal action against him," Prakash said today.
The retained copy shall be turned over upon the filing of a criminal action involving the disclosed computer data or subscriber's information to the court where such action has been instituted, or if no criminal action has been filed, upon order of the issuing court ....
A Raytown man accused of murdering a Kansas City attorney to whom he lost at trial made a brief court appearance on May 3 and is due back on June 11.<br />Jackson County prosecutors charged David Jungerman on April 11 with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting death of Tom Pickert, 39, on Oct.
LEGAL SYSTEM IN QATAR According to Article 15 of Criminal Procedure Code, the period for the expiration of the criminal action shall be interrupted by the investigation procedures, accusation, trial, criminal order, or evidential procedures conducted against the suspect, or the procedures of which he has been officially notified.
ISLAMABAD -- An inquiry team of Punjab Anti-Corruption Department has recommended initiating criminal action against Muhammad Raza Mansha, son of one of the country's biggest business tycoons, for allegedly causing heavy loss to the public exchequer while setting up a cement factory.
The provincial department had filed the review petition after noting"serious lapses/ illegalities/ irregularities committed by different departments in the process of setting up cement factories and favouritism extended to the proponents ndash DG Khan Cement factory and Bestway Cement factories" and recommended criminal action against the accused.
Deaths due to willful violations of OSHA standards are punishable by a maximum of six months' jail time--and keep in mind that somebody has to actually die before criminal action can be undertaken.
"The Cold War confrontation provided easy formulas to justify criminal action abroad and entrenchment of privilege and state power at home."
Book 4 exhibits a constant strain between scrupulous and erudite legal considerations, and a competing impulse of selective disregard for traditional legal standards: "In a criminal action, and especially in this crime of witchcraft .
"Any kind of consumer investigation like this can lead to potential civil action, can lead to potential criminal action, or it can lead to no action at all," Earley said.
He was subsequently charged with First-Degree Murder, Armed Criminal Action, First-Degree Assault Against a Law Enforcement Officer, and Violation of the Missouri Controlled Substance Law.