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insanity de·fense

n. defensa por demencia.
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This interdisciplinary collection of articles and essays explores the impact of emerging insights from neuroscience on the legal concept of criminal insanity, especially the assessment of insanity, within the framework of European law.
Melisandre, a very beautiful and wealthy woman and herself an attorney, had stood trial for the murder of her 2-month-old daughter, and after a mistrial had been declared, at the second trial, before a judge and no jury, was found not guilty by reason of criminal insanity.
The Lebanese law dealing with criminal insanity hasn't been revised since 1943," says Achour.
If the evaluation is upheld, Breivik would not be put on criminal trial but would face a court hearing to rule on his criminal insanity and the length of his commitment to a psychiatric institution.
The duo s study of criminal insanity sold a better-than-expected $40.
The defense counsel for Imai sought a not guilty verdict on the grounds of criminal insanity.
Nevertheless, the verdict was controversial and in the aftermath the Law Lords drew up the 'Mc Naughten Rules', which were to provide the legal basis of assessing criminal insanity and responsibility in this country for more than a hundred years.
28) The M'Naghten rule, the prevalent standard for determining criminal insanity in American jurisdictions, states that:
Yesterday a jury found Egan not guilty on grounds of insanity in the first case to be tried under new criminal insanity legislation which came into effect in June.
95 (1986) (explaining that a legally insane defendant must lack "rationality [with regard to] the conduct with which he is criminally charged" (citing HERBERT FINGARETTE, THE MEANING OF CRIMINAL INSANITY 210-11 (1972))).
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