Cripple Creek

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Crip·ple Creek

A city of central Colorado in the Rocky Mountains southwest of Colorado Springs. After 1891 it was the center of a thriving gold-producing area but declined as deposits were exhausted.

Cripple Creek

(Placename) a village in central Colorado: gold-mining centre since 1891, once the richest in the world

Crip′ple Creek′

a town in central Colorado: gold rush 1891. 655; 9600 ft. (2925 m) above sea level.
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She was a gold-mine, but Carson didn't know how to treat her, and she croaked off with penumonia at Cripple Creek.
OTCPK: LIGA) announces today that a real estate acquisition in Cripple Creek, Colorado is imminent.
Hardrock man; whispers from the Cripple Creek district underground.
Jeffries as new General Manager of Womacks Casino & Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado.
5 kg, was eventually knocked down to Robert Clode of the Cripple Creek Inn, Raglan, for a record pounds 155 each after some fierce bidding.
Daisy The Cripple Creek Donkey is author Lyn Bezek's debut children's book and introduces young readers to a young boy who learns that a local donkey suffers from a similar handicap to his own--both have weak legs that prevent them from moving quickly, under most circumstances.
He suddenly pointed at Cripple Creek and demanded, "What's that?
Lipton, resident council president at the Cripple Creek Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, praised staff for their assistance.
Dale Weaver conceded that nine years of casino gambling have kept historic Cripple Creek from becoming just another Colorado ghost town
Every June, donkey lovers head for Cripple Creek to kick up their heels during Donkey Days.
Much of our loop follows old stage and train routes built in the mid- to late 1800s as links between Colorado Springs and the gold mining town of Cripple Creek (named after a cow that tried unsuccessfully - to jump across the stream).
Constitutional amendment allowed the City of Cripple Creek to vote to approve expanded gaming in City casinos