Cripple Creek

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Crip·ple Creek

A city of central Colorado in the Rocky Mountains southwest of Colorado Springs. After 1891 it was the center of a thriving gold-producing area but declined as deposits were exhausted.

Cripple Creek

(Placename) a village in central Colorado: gold-mining centre since 1891, once the richest in the world

Crip′ple Creek′

a town in central Colorado: gold rush 1891. 655; 9600 ft. (2925 m) above sea level.
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to acquire the operating assets of Bronco Billy's Casino and Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado for approximately USD 30m, the company said.
Nevada Gold and Casinos Inc (NYSE Amex: UWN), a US-based developer, owner and operator of gaming facilities, has announced the sale of the Colorado Grande Casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado, US, to G Investments LLC.
1995) Fluid chemistry and hydrothermal alteration of the Cresson disseminated gold deposit, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Historical information was gleaned from Money Mountain by Marshall Sprague, University of Nebraska Press, 1953, and from "An Overview of Gold Recovery in the Cripple Creek, Colorado Mining District," by Ed Hunter, undated.
Described, too, are the silver rushes to Tombstone, Arizona and to the famous Comstock Lode of Nevada; the rush to the Cripple Creek, Colorado region with its "unusual" gold ore (sylvanite); and the last and in some ways most outrageous of all the gold rushes, the one to the Yukon Territory in the late 1890 's.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Southwest Casino Corporation (OTCBB: SWCC) announced today that the City of Cripple Creek, Colorado voters approved expanded gaming in the Cripple Creek casinos.
Southwest owns and operates two casinos, the Gold Rush Hotel and Casino and Gold Digger's Casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado.
This amendment allows voters in Cripple Creek, Colorado, where Southwest operates the Gold Rush Hotel & Casino and Gold Digger's casino, to hold a referendum that may lead to expanded gaming opportunities in the City.