n.1.Land of superior quality, on which successive crops are raised.
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Kelvin Cave Ltd, Roe Deer Farm, Croftland Lane, Drayton, Langport, Somerset TA10 0LP.
Eleven of the turbines are situated on 11,500 acres of croftland owned by the Scottish Executive and assigned to Argyll-born crofter Allan Clark.
Heifers: Limousin pounds 392, pounds 300 (x3) Croftlands, pounds 360, pounds 300 How Hill Farm, Belgian Blue pounds 385 (x2), pounds 378, pounds 358 (x3) Lordsgate, Aberdeen Angus pounds 275 Croftlands.
50 Lessonhall (Steel), pounds 57 Croftlands, pounds 57 Loughrigg, pounds 57 Priestcroft, pounds 55.
Peacefully at Croftlands oftlands of Care Home, Kirkburton and of Emley, Rhona HERBERT aged 83 years.
Ewes: Texel pounds 39 Beck Farm pounds 38 Croftlands Half Bred pounds 38 Newlands Grange pounds 28 Jenkin Cross Charollais pounds 38 Lessonhall (Steel) Suffolk pounds 34 Bothel Parks pounds 34 Lessonhall.
Texel pounds 45 Croftlands pounds 35 pounds 34 pounds 33 Westward Parks pounds 33 West Farm.
Bulls: Limousin pounds 440 Howrigg Farm, pounds 430, pounds 385 Sandysyke Farm, pounds 400 (x4) How Hill Farm, pounds 365 (x2) Croftlands, pounds 345 Low Plains, Belgian Blue pounds 365, pounds 355, pounds 338 Arnold House, pounds 340 Stonewalls, pounds 300 The Keep, Holstein Friesian pounds 262 (x8) Midtown Farm.
CQC ratings also reveal two other care homes featured in last year's report - Croftlands at Kirkburton and Bell House at Meltham - have both deteriorated and been subjected to enforcement action in the past six months.
Heifers: Limousin pounds 375 (x4), pounds 350, pounds 320 (x3) Mirkbooths, pounds 370 (x2) Fieldgarth, pounds 348 Anthorn House, pounds 338 (x5) Croftlands, Belgian Blue pounds 365 Ellerton Grange, pounds 360 Wickerfield, pounds 285 (x2) Moor Park Farm, Charolais pounds 270 Moor Park, Aberdeen Angus pounds 260 Fieldgarth.
James Creegan, director of care at Croft Carehomes Ltd, which runs Croftlands and four other homes in the north, expressed remorse over the poor standards at the home.