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n.1.A pilgrim bearing or wearing a cross.
2.A crusader.
The conquests of the croises extending over Palestine.
- Burke.
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Classic Cellist, Christoph Croise, will "nourish the soul" with his music
DON'T overturn your chin toward your downstage shoulders when in croise, says Albee.
Mohamed croise des centaines de visages chaque jour, des acheteurs de livres, de journaux et de magazines.
EB Florals was created by celebrated florist Eric Buterbaugh along with perfume industry veteran Fabrice Croise. The Los Angeles-based partners have created an arrangement of fragrances solely based on flowers, ranging from lily of the valley to Buterbaugh's favourite, the rose.
(a)Lios Na Croise Management Company Ltd having ceased to trade, having its registered office at Shanmullagh, Ballinamuck, Co.
De nombreux chretiens habitent a Wadi Nassara, une vallee a l'ouest de Homs pres du celebre chateau croise, le Krak des chevaliers, qui est aux mains des rebelles.
croise Alain de Roucy lors des episodes de conseil (ou l'un des
The pair will then join with Swiss French cellist, Christoph Croise, to form the Ulysses Trio to perform Brahms Trio in B Major and Tchaikovsky's mighty piano trio in A minor at the theatre on August 7.