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or croque mon·sieur  (krōk′mə-syœ′)
A buttery sandwich of ham, cheese, and sometimes béchamel sauce, that is often dipped in egg before it is grilled.

[French : croquer, to crunch, bite (from Old French *to strike, break, of imitative origin) + monsieur, mister; see Monsieur.]
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Tuesdays during March, try the Croque Madame Burger -- a whole Croque Madame with ham, Jarlsberg, bechamel and a sunny-side up egg atop a burger on a brioche bun served with frites -- for $15.
In France, a Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame can be found in most cafs.
Dishes will include the likes of Brothaus' signature eggs benedict "Our Style" - served on toasted onion bread with tender braised beef cheeks and a sweet hollandaise sauce, croque madame, tenderloin steak sandwich, creamy baked Camembert and more.
Many of the soup, salad, and sandwich options are also available for dinner, as is the croque madame.
We teach brunch recipes such as eggs Benedict, croque madame and tapa.
If you were feeling guiltless so far Croque Madame (Dh55) can more than make up for it.
While many of these dishes sound exotic, in reality they are quick and easy to produce at home: all that's needed is a willingness to try new flavor combinations, as in a decadent ham-and-cheese baked sandwich called Croque Madame or a Louisiana Chicken and Andouille Gumbo.
Fried * Scrambled * Shirred * Steamed * Poached * Poached scrambled eggs * Eggs en cocotte * Eggs Benedict * Eggs Florentine * Frittata * Spanish tortilla * Torta * Strata * Quiche * Omelet * Timbale * Egg casserole * Egg foo yong * Avgolemono soup * Egg drop soup * Huevos rancheros * Migas * Croque madame * Egg salad
Dishes such as croque madame muffins made with Anglo-style sliced white bread and French lamb stew with quintessentially English mint sauce were so popular that word-of-mouth and a buzz on the blogosphere soon had people clamouring for a space at her table.
The charm is not so much the authenticity of Rachel's cooking - the French will be scandalised by her croque madame muffins made with sliced bread or her lamb stew with (gasp
She will, of course, also be demonstrating some recipes, with a unique take on the croque madame and madeleine cakes on the menu.
The first episode sees her looking for honey made by Paris' bee population, shopping in a Moroccan food market and showing us her takes on the croque madame and madeleine cakes.