Cross breeding

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breeding from a male and female of different lineage.
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In the tropical and subtropical countries cross breeding was practiced during mid-seventies in order to improve herd productivity by cleaving the desired characteristics of higher dairy potential of Bos Taurus and enhanced resistance to heat stress and local diseases of Bos Indicus (Usman et al., 2014).
Nadeem Amjad, Chairman of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has announced the establishment of a new PARC Sugarcane Research Station at Gharo in Sindh Province under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in a meeting held with Pakistan Sugar Mills of Sindh Zone at Directorate General of Agriculture (Research) Tandojam to conduct research on sugarcane cross breeding as well as to increase sugar crop production in the region.
Minister for Livestock in a written reply told National Assembly that said there are 36 livestock farms, research stations are operating in the country, out of which 20 livestock experiment farms are under taking cross breeding programmes and also preserving indigenous breeds of cattle, buffaloes and local breeds of goad and sheep.