Cross fertilization

the fertilization of the female products of one physiological individual by the male products of another, - as the fertilization of the ovules of one plant by pollen from another. See Fertilization.
- Cowper.
fertilization by pollen from some other blossom. See under Cross, a.

See also: Cross, Fertilization

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For the first time in law, cross fertilization of human and animal sperm will be allowed.
For example, eschewing the documentary nature of the Synoptic Gospels in favor of oral transmission, France proposes a process of "cross fertilization" rather than the too-simple two-document hypothesis (pp.
In all its various manifestations, their work displays a fascinating cross fertilization of ideas that sympathetically and realistically address the Portuguese condition.
A carp-raising firm in Nara Prefecture said Wednesday it has succeeded in breeding goldfish with an all-gold color for the first time in the world, after 15 years of cross fertilization through artificial insemination.
And, the framework of the BSC provides a structured way for the team to work together -- with a tremendous amount of cross fertilization taking place as each element of the strategy becomes translated into the scorecard format.
The early modern variety was firmly embedded in neighborhood and family relations and benefitted from a cross fertilization with elite culture, whether it was the local notary or priest or a writer as important as Goethe, who encouraged Heinrich Jung-Stillung to embark on a career of writing.
Often such cross fertilization has resulted in Jews "borrowing" intellectual methods of analysis and practical approaches to ritual from these other traditions, returning with them to the religious lives and texts of their own tradition.
Combination and cross fertilization have become the rule.
By including the principles of food appearance under one cover, this treatment also aims to encourage a cross fertilization of approach and method among different parts of the industry.
This mega event is offering cross fertilization of ideas, sharing of knowledge and experiences by cotton stakeholders.
The development of the theatre has a close kinship with opera, which evolved in Italy from a cross fertilization of medieval mystery plays with secular pageants and entertainments conducted, initially, in churches, but later in piazzas, as the urban realm was appropriated and transformed into a stage.
With normal endosperm maize, Bulant (1996) and Bulant and Gallais (1998) have shown an advantage of cross fertilization relative to self fertilization for kernel weight of about 11 to 13 % when inbred lines are used as females.