cross fire

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cross′ fire`

or cross′fire`,

1. gunfire issuing from two or more positions so that the lines of fire cross one another.
2. a brisk or angry exchange of words or opinions.
3. a situation involving conflicting claims, forces, etc.
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References in classic literature ?
After that I occupied myself in making our room a little tidy and in coaxing a very cross fire that had been lighted to burn, which at last it did, quite brightly.
His works were characterized by a tone of light cynicism, a cross fire of lively dialogue, and a keen insight into the foibles of the bourgeoisie.
WAH CANTT -- A man wanted by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Peshawar was arrested after brief cross fire from Mohallah Majwar in limits of Taxila Police station on Thursday.
During cross fire, the wagon passengers also came under fire and resultantly the driver Momin Khan was killed and six others were injured.
This fall we'll get caught in the cross fire at a two-decade survey of Dunham's work, organized by New Museum director Lisa Phillips and senior curator Dan Cameron (the latter joins novelist A.M.
Surgeons at University College Hospital said the injuries included some of the worst flash burns they had ever seen.King's Cross Fire (BBC2, 7.30pm)
A JUDGE cleared the way yesterday for a public inquiry into the New Cross fire which killed 13 young black partygoers.
Members of the British Red Cross Fire Victim Support Unit need to raise as much money has possible to keep the vital service running.
Some of my anxiety comes from painful memories of being caught in the cross fire, where I had placed myself.
WAH CANTT -- Police held one dacoit after cross fire in limits of Wah Cantonment Police station on Monday.
Police told that two groups are having clashes for the past many days in Landhi no.6 and the cross fire was underway until last report was filed.
That's not the case with "A History of Sex," which strands viewers in a cross fire of costumes and competing visual references, a variety show of amateurs and models acting out scripted sexual scenarios.