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(krôs′rĭ-zĭs′təns, krŏs′-)
Tolerance to a usually toxic substance as a result of exposure to a similarly acting substance: Some insects develop cross-resistance to insecticides.


1. immunologic resistance to the pathogenic effects of a microorganism due to previous exposure to another species or type having cross-reactive antigens.
2. (of an insect, bacterium, etc.) resistance to the effects of a pesticide, antibiotic, etc., due to previously acquired resistance to a similar substance.
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No cross resistance was observed between spinosad resistant colony and buprofezin, pyriproxyfen, lambda-cyhalothrin, thiamethoxam, chlorpyrifos and carbaryl.
No cross resistance was observed between methomyl and chlorpyrifos against S.
Since the mite has a very short and prolific life cycle, its resistance to acaricides has more readily emerged than the rate of the resistance in other pests, In addition, the mites resistance to certain acaricides has been shown to have cross resistance to other acaricides.
In addition, studies suggest that BC-3781 exhibits no cross resistance with other antibiotic classes and has a low propensity for inducing resistance itself.
To date active ingredient has not been reported to show cross resistance with any insecticide for which resistant mite or whitefly field populations have been identified (Palumbo 2004).
Cross resistance to itraconazole (Sporanox) was present in five women and to ketoconazole (Nizoral) in four
The patients with resistance to any of quinolones used as antibiotics are likely to develop cross resistance to other or newer quinolones, used for treating tuberculosis.