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 (krôs′sĕl′ĭng, krŏs′-)
The selling of other products or services to an existing group of customers, often through a marketing agreement.

cross′-sell′ v.
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Prime bullocks (3) ave 188.1p (-11.2p) and sold to 195.0p per kg for a 615kg Simmental cross selling to Messrs John M Munro Ltd, Dingwall; and PS1,269.60 for a 690kg Simmental cross, both from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall.
The new contracts has built up the company client base to 18 clients across 17 countries, fostering additional cross selling opportunities.
Global Banking News-September 13, 2016--Wells Fargo imposes curbs on product cross selling
- Campaign projects: win back, up / cross selling, new customer acquisition;- Product deliberations;- Inbound / Outbound, if necessary;- Tender submission;- Obtain change of attorney, either via SMS, e-mail or in writing;- Conclusion (by telephone, voice recording);- Change of product;- Data preparation;- The quality of the data;- Data transfer to Vattenfall;- Use of a professional CRM system with integrated e-mail connection.
Today's agents must shift from proactive mode to "providing nurturing support, which will create reactive cross selling to clients who request it," Burke says.
As noted earlier, one of the key tenets of successful cross selling is to recommend the right product at the right time during the buying cycle.
Thrift banks also expect to conduct more business activities next year, as they will be allowed to engage in cross selling of insurance and investment products.
Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) announced on Friday the launch of EAN Smart Cross Sell, which enables airlines to increase ancillary revenues by cross selling hotels to their online customers.
Cross selling is more important than ever as banks and credit unions present themselves as trusted partners for consumers bewildered by the financial crisis, according to the survey's data.
"In my seventeen years working with the Retail Bank for Wachovia, the importance of cross selling efforts grew exponentially," says Mike Mickler, former vice president, sales and service coach, Wachovia Bank N.A., Charlotte, N.C.
Many of you may get the sense that cross selling or marketing in general is like herding cats.