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crossing over

or cross·ing-o·ver (krô′sĭng-ō′vər, krŏs′ĭng-)
The exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes that occurs during meiosis and contributes to genetic variability.


, crossover
n. acción de cruzar a través.
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Choose from road or MTB-specific bike helmets, as well as "cross-overs", such as the MET Cross-over Helmet or skate-inspired lids, like the Bell Faction BMX Helmet with Graphics.
This cross-over activity goes beyond more familiar and relatively well-documented terrain of non-governmental organization (NGO) advocacy and campaigning work to challenge and change policy, or social movements that serve to mobilize citizen-based political action.
Other retailers are creating cross-over pizzas that incorporate consumers' favorite dishes.
In a bid to break into the lucrative cross-over market, boffins at the BMW-owned Oxford plant have made the platform a whopping four metres long, stretching Mini's credibility as a small car icon.
They are now second in Group C, and play in a cross-over draw where their first game is against Scotland, who finished first in Group D.
To make sure your colors match throughout, especially on "cross-over" pages, consider working with your printer on using a press configuration that allows cross-over pages to be printed on one side of the web.
With the fastest purge-design to speed material and color changeover with no cross-over contamination.
Cio-Cio-San's attempts to become American are part of a whole range of Japanese-American cross-overs.
The conference outlined the sourcing strategy for Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail and demonstrated Nissan's commitment to the Sunderland plant to produce the next generation of cross-overs.
Curbed islands were constructed to help guide motorists through the cross-overs and a concrete glare screen was installed between the cross overs along Route 19 to prevent distraction by motorists travelling in the opposite direction on the motorists right side.