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 (krôs′sĕl′ĭng, krŏs′-)
The selling of other products or services to an existing group of customers, often through a marketing agreement.

cross′-sell′ v.
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"The impact of health reform has prompted many group health insurance brokers to shore up declining commissions by incorporating cross-selling strategies into their marketing plans," Steenerson said in the release.
With the sultanate's plans to introduce mandatory basic health insurance cover for all nationals, expatriates and visitors, the measure will spur premium growth and generate additional cross-selling opportunities for insurers in Oman, according to Moody's Investors Service.
In addition, Millicom has identified potential revenue synergies equivalent to an additional NPV of approximately $250M stemming mostly from cross-selling mobile products to Millicom's existing cable customers and cross-selling cable services to Telefonica's mobile customers, as well as increased revenue from lower customer churn resulting from a growing proportion of sales made on a bundled basis.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 24, 2018--Indian finance ministry office says commission on cross-selling should be paid to banks
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 24, 2018--Indian finance ministry office says commission on cross-selling should be paid to banks
Global Banking News-September 24, 2018--Indian finance ministry office says commission on cross-selling should be paid to banks
CHICAGO: BAI announced the key findings of the 2018 BAI Banking Outlook research study that uncovers data on customer retention and cross-selling activity.
Earlier, Azer Aliyev said in an interview with Trend that Azerbaijani insurance companies need to develop cross-selling.
Union Bank has obtained the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas' approval for its plan to engage in cross-selling activities with Insular Life.
What began as a legitimate, legal and beneficial business strategy became not only high-risk but illegal, because of the way Wells Fargo administered its approach to cross-selling. As with any sales initiative, if a company wants to push it, it will set up incentives to engage in such behavior, increasing commissions around the service or product being emphasized.
The Wells Fargo scandal has brought unsavoury connotations to what used to be a perfectly legitimate and respectable concept in banking - cross-selling. In September, details emerged of a grubby practice at the bank that saw millions of fake accounts and credit cards being created for customers without their knowledge.
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has launched a review of broker-dealers' cross-selling programs, and is probing BDs on a laundry list of questions, including whether they've opened accounts for clients without their consent.