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 (krôs′sĕl′ĭng, krŏs′-)
The selling of other products or services to an existing group of customers, often through a marketing agreement.

cross′-sell′ v.
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3) Add cross-selling goals to annual performance goals and evaluations.
MarkerSoft has announced it has shipped its Cross Sell Hub in both standard French and Canadian French in response to customer demand for its end-to-end cross-selling solution for linking people and marketing processes across the extended enterprise.
But even as CEOs debated the difficulty of catering to wide-ranging customer segments, the pitfalls of cross-selling and the tricky business of measuring the value of client relationship management, many expressed optimism about the opportunities inherent in the mission of delivering value in a multi-faceted, multifunction and multi-channel world.
The key to successfully upgrading and cross-selling customers is to make the right offer to the right person at the right time.
For Andy Rosenbaum, a financial analyst with Strategies for Wealth, cross-selling is an important part of his business.
and Quadstone have announced they have joined forces to create a cross-selling solution for the Financial services industry.
WHAT IF YOU had excellent cross-selling tools that customers were almost certain to open?
Every conversation is a cross-selling opportunity to be further explored.
Not surprisingly, many banks view cross-selling as an attractive growth strategy--a way to bolster revenue by expanding customer relationships.