a.1.Having the grain or fibers run diagonally, or more or less transversely and irregularly, so as to interfere with splitting or planing.
If the stuff proves crossgrained, . . . then you must turn your stuff to plane it the contrary way.
- Moxon.
2.Perverse; untractable; contrary; difficult to deal with.
She was none of your crossgrained, termagant, scolding jades.
- Arbuthnot.
References in classic literature ?
Bagnet, her eyes sparkling with pleasure and her hand stretched out to him; "and though I have been a crossgrained soldier's wife to you sometimes, George, we are as strong friends, I am sure, in reality, as ever can be.
Engineered boards can be laid as a floating floor, this is because they are very stable, due to their crossgrained construction.
It's all hawthorn, tangy crab apple, something crossgrained but so compelling.