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n. pl.1.(Naut.) Pieces of timber at a masthead, to which are attached the upper shrouds. At the head of lower masts in large vessels, they support a semicircular platform called the "top."
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Johnson seems to spend all his spare time there or aloft at the crosstrees, watching the Ghost cleaving the water under press of sail.
And Simon Nishikanta tore himself away from his everlasting painting of all colour-delicacies of sea and sky such as are painted by seminary maidens, to be helped and hoisted up the ratlines of the mizzen rigging, the huge bulk of him, by two grinning, slim-waisted sailors, until they lashed him squarely on the crosstrees and left him to stare with eyes of golden desire, across the sun-washed sea through the finest pair of unredeemed binoculars that had ever been pledged in his pawnshops.
It was ten in the morning; the corvette was under half-steam, as it was regretting to leave the spot where the catastrophe had taken place, when a sailor, perched on the main-top-gallant crosstrees, watching the sea, cried suddenly:
"Hold on; she don't nest in the crosstrees!" Dan laughed; and Harvey held on, for the boat lay in the air above his head.
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On the cedar posts of barbed wire fences running along the tracks perched scissortails and crows, while in the top branches of lightpole crosstrees, hawks and buzzards watched us glide amiably by.
"You know, Joyce" [Budgen] said, "When Stephen sees that three-mastered schooner's sails brailed up to her crosstrees"
James' gift horse, Caesar, was fresh and he trotted eagerly into the stable yard at Crosstrees. There was no one about and Nick looped his reins over the fence and trod round to the front of the house.
"At Crosstrees, we are dedicated to improving the clinical outcomes of vertebral augmentation procedures for patients and our physician partners," said Robert Scribner, president and CEO of Crosstrees.
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