Crotalus viridis

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Noun1.Crotalus viridis - widely distributed between the Mississippi and the RockiesCrotalus viridis - widely distributed between the Mississippi and the Rockies
rattler, rattlesnake - pit viper with horny segments at the end of the tail that rattle when shaken
Crotalus, genus Crotalus - large rattlesnakes; seldom bite unless startled or pursuing prey
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In the summer of 1995, an adult Crotalus viridis (sex unknown) was observed to manipulate the vegetation near a deer mouse (Peromyscus species) nest burrow (J.
Mackessy, "Venom ontogeny in the pacific rattlesnakes Crotalus viridis helleri and C.
The role of the vomeronasal organ in rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis oreganus) predatory behavior.
One of the most prevalent is the avoidance of the various species of Crotalus--which, in my neck of the woods, includes Crotalus atrox, Crotalus lepidus and Crotalus viridis in particular.
Characterization of a reovirus isolate from a rattle snake, Crotalus viridis, with neurological dysfunction.
Female reproductive cycles of the snakes Arizona elegans and Crotalus viridis. Herpetologica, 35:256-261.
However, other rattlesnake species may have an annual, biennial or triennial reproductive cycle in different parts of their range: Crotalus atrox (Tinkle 1962; Fitch and Pisani 19 93; Price 1998; Werler and Dixon 2000); Crotalus viridis (Rahn 1942; Diller and Wallace 1988; Macartney and Gregory 1988).
TABLE 1 Comparison of the N-terminal amino acid sequence of bothrasperin with other disintegrins isolated from snake venoms Sequence Disintegrin Snake species EAGEEXDXGTE * bothrasperin ** Bothrops asper EAGEECDCGTP jararacin Bothrops jararaca EAGEECDCGTP cerastin Crotalus cerastes cerastes EAGEECDCGAP lachesin Lachesis muta EAGEECDCGSP lutosin Crotalus viridis lutosus AGEECDCGSP crotatroxin Crotalus atrox EAGIECDCGSL molossin Crotalus molossus molossus AGEECDCGSP durissin Crotalus durissus durissus AGEECDCGSP viridin Crotalus viridis viridis EAGEECDCGSP cereberin Crotalus viridis cerebelus AGEECDCGSP basilicin Crotalus basilicus * "X" indicates an undetermined residue, possibly Cys.
Diller and Johnson (6) estimated 14% of juvenile ground squirrel (Spermophilus townsendii) and 511% of mountain cottontail (Sylvilagus nuttallii) populations were preyed upon by rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis) in semiarid southwestern Idaho.