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 (kăs′kə-rĭl′ə, käs′kə-rē′ə)
1. A tropical shrub or tree (Croton eluteria) native to the West Indies and northern South America, having a bark that yields an aromatic spicy oil used as a flavoring and fragrance.
2. The bark of this plant.

[Spanish, diminutive of cáscara, bark; see cascara buckthorn.]


1. (Plants) a West Indian euphorbiaceous shrub, Croton eluteria, whose bitter aromatic bark is used as a tonic
2. (Pharmacology) the bark of this shrub
[C17: from Spanish, diminutive of cáscara bark; see cascara]


(ˌkæs kəˈrɪl ə)

n., pl. -las.
1. Also called cascaril′la bark`. the bitter, aromatic bark of a West Indian shrub, Croton eluteria, of the spurge family, used as a tonic.
2. the shrub itself.
[1870–75; < Sp, =cascar(a) bark + -illa diminutive suffix (< Latin)]
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Noun1.cascarilla - West Indian shrub with aromatic barkcascarilla - West Indian shrub with aromatic bark
genus Croton - tropical shrubs and herbs; source of croton oil
Croton tiglium, croton - tropical Asiatic shrub; source of croton oil
cascarilla bark, eleuthera bark, sweetwood bark - aromatic bark of cascarilla; used as a tonic and for making incense