crotonic acid

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cro·ton·ic acid

Either of two geometric isomers of a corrosive organic acid, C4H6O2, used in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and resins.

[From New Latin Croton, plant genus; see croton.]

crotonic acid

(Elements & Compounds) a colourless crystalline insoluble unsaturated carboxylic acid produced by oxidation of crotonaldehyde and used in organic synthesis; trans-2-butenoic acid. Formula: CH3CH:CHCOOH
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The possibility of synthesis of cobaltites as high-dispersity material using the respective metal cobalt crotonate hydrazinate as precursors is studied in the present paper.
Besides co-culture with methanogens, most SPOB can grow on special substrates in pure culture, such as pyruvate, fumarate, and crotonate (Nilsen et al.