crotonic acid

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cro·ton·ic acid

Either of two geometric isomers of a corrosive organic acid, C4H6O2, used in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and resins.

[From New Latin Croton, plant genus; see croton.]

crotonic acid

(Elements & Compounds) a colourless crystalline insoluble unsaturated carboxylic acid produced by oxidation of crotonaldehyde and used in organic synthesis; trans-2-butenoic acid. Formula: CH3CH:CHCOOH
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The complexes formation of divalent metal ions M(II) {M= Pb, Cd and Hg} with a new copolymer based on acrylic and crotonic acids was investigated in aqueous media with NaN[O.
It deals with the synthesis of copolymer based on acrylic and crotonic acids.
The main goal of the present work was to investigate the acid base behavior and the complexes properties of acrylic and crotonic acids copolymer with regard to divalent cations of group IIB in aqueous media, known for their toxicity and an issue of environmental field.