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A method of outsourcing work over the internet or similar network by appealing to people to contribute to the project independently or as a collaboration.

crowd′source′ v.
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These upskill goals will be achieved through the provision of full-length professional courses and executive education programmes across various sectors via crowdsourcing instructors, teachers, experts and professionals in the UAE utilising an 'uber-like model'.
The Seventh AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP-2019) will be held October 28-30, 2019, at Skamania Lodge in the state of Washington (USA) near the Columbia Gorge River, just 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon.
Crowdsourcing, Home Working/Teleworking and the "Gig Economy" Are on the Rise.
Any time someone seeks information or financial support from a large group of people, either online or in the "real" world, they are engaging in a kind of crowdsourcing. The definition of crowdsourcing is "using the wisdom of the crowd" (Surowiecki 2004).
Shalender Singh, CEO/CTO of Tier3D announced that, "The Tier3D devices available on our crowdsourcing campaign are highly specialized for Artificial Intelligence.
A Internet viabilizou o surgimento de resolucao de questoes comuns a um grupo de individuos, tambem conhecido como crowdsourcing, uma opcao viavel para resolver tarefas complexas, no ambito empresarial inclusive.
The notion of crowdsourcing appeared in the subject literature for the first time in 2006 owing to Howe.
This ICO is being used by simplyBrand as a means of scaling up its e-commerce verification services globally and the SBA tokens will be used to reward crowdsourcing participants who provide human intelligence to the platform's anti-counterfeiting activities.
LONDON, Oct 1, 2018 - (Media OutReach) - Das33, a revolutionary crowdsourcing platform, has launched within the Das ecosystem, an alliance of companies built around DasCoin, the Currency of Trust.
Dubai: The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched a promotional campaign to enrich content for the UAE Government's official portal (, relying on the crowdsourcing method.