Crown bar

one of the bars which support the crown sheet of steam-boiler furnace.

See also: Crown

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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WALKER Sadly in her 97th year, Cath Walker late of Crown Bar, Woodside and beloved wife of the late Jim Walker passed away on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.
* Crown bar rubber: Necessary in preventing premature screen cloth damage, crown-bar rubber slips over the longitudinal crown bars on the vibrating screen and prevents the screen cloth from wearing against the crown bars.
James loves nothing more than a pint in the Crown Bar and a trip to the Europa Hotel - "two symbols of the city that had stood up to all the Troubles".
Excitement was also building up in the city as barriers were put up ready for Harry and Meghan's arrival at the Crown Bar as people began lining the streets and peering out of office windows.
The Grand Opera House is right next door and opposite is the Crown Bar, a stunning Victorian gin palace steeped in history, with incredible mahogany snugs.
Visit the Crown Bar, a famous landmark in Belfast with an extraordinary interior that includes furniture and fittings originally built for RMS Britannic, the "little sister" of Titanic.
There will be a flower crown bar for those feeling a bit whimsical.
Anne Marie Gilchrist, 57, manager of Motherwell's Crown Bar, said: "It is a terrible thing to see people chucked on the dole, it affects the whole area.
Across the street, The Crown bar also took a battering.
Time for a pint and where better than the Crown Bar? Billing itself as "the most beautiful bar in the world" it is a magnificently decorated saloon opposite the Europa.
1 Partygoers at a bash hosted by Sweet travel in San Francisco 2 San Francisco City Supervisor candidate Laura Spanjian (left) and her grandmother at a fundraiser 3 Revelers attend Soul Friday at Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis 4 Attendees of the Wicked Halloween festivities at Bolt Underground in Minneapolis 5 Briana Stockton (far left) and Dani Campbell (far right) partied aboard Sweet's inaugural Caribbean cruise 6 and 7 Women onboard the Sweet Cruise 8 LOGO producer Andrea Meyerson at Sweet's '80s theme night 9 Courtenay Semel's curve cover release party at Crown Bar in Los Angeles 10 Big Bang Betty's Big Beautiful Bombshells at the Naughty List Queer Cabaret Show in Portland, Ore.