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The larger block is the site of HUSA's Crown Paper well.
According to a statement from the firm, Lindsay Goldberg has invested in two other paper companies, Crown Paper and Golden West Packaging, and plans to continue to build value in Pixelle - which is the name of a copier-paper line made by the former Glatfelter division.
Co., and Crown Paper Converting Inc Request to Sample of Report @
US-based paper and packaging group Crown Paper Group, Inc.
24 September 2015 - US-based paper and packaging group Crown Paper Group, Inc.
The UAE's production of tissues stood at 120,000 tonnes in 2013 through the three mills: Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill (ADNPM), Queenex Hygiene Paper Manufacturing (QHPM) and Crown Paper Mill.
ZonesCorp's Paper Cluster also hosts Abu Dhabi National Paper, Crown Paper, Queenex, and Al Dhafra Paper.
He said that the UAE alone has five major tissue mills, namely Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill, Crown Paper Mill, Emirates Paper Mill, Queenex Paper Mill and Fine Hygienic Paper, together meeting 60 per cent of local demand, while the rest is met by imports.
Crown Paper and Janitorial Supply, Walla Walla; paper products, cleaning supplies.
05-1448, the Crown Paper Company was, as part of a bankruptcy proceeding, terminating its pension plan under the rules given in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
'A coffee table book' is probably the modern equivalent of Heminge and Condell's 900-page original volume, 'in the best Crown paper - far better than most Bibles', as one Puritan critic sniffed patronisingly when the book appeared.