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(Placename) a borough in S Greater London (since 1965): formerly important for its airport (1915–59). Pop: 336 700 (2003 est). Area: 87 sq km (33 sq miles)


(ˈkrɔɪd n)

a borough of Greater London, England. 324,900.
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Unlike a First World War general, Yuasa took great care of his forces with a clear yet expressive beat, indicating individual entries and coordinating with David Swinson, directing the Croyden Trinity Boys Choir high in the rear gallery.
Riot police clashed with 100 England supporters in Croyden, arresting six and cops arrested 12 people after shop windows and doorways were kicked in in Colchester following the penalty shoot-out.
The address for the free catalogue is Unit 1, Peterwood Park, Beddington Farm Road, Croyden CRO 4UQ or call 020 8649 9009.
Mrs Nicholls was previously head of marketing and development for a group of entertainment-related companies in Croyden.
19 (call John Bell & Croyden on 020-7935 5555 for mail-order; p&p is pounds 5).
You might also like to try Australian Bush Flower Essences, available from John, Bell & Croyden (0171-935-5555), which will help rebalance you emotionally and bolster your confidence.
Ms Nicholls, who was previously head of marketing and development for a group of entertainment-related companies called Fairfield, based in Croyden, said the money would facilitate a programme of improvements.
All the powders below are available by mail-order from John Bell & Croyden (0171-935 5555) or at Boots pharmacy counters (prices may differ).
The move will complement Skin Salveation's range of sales channels, including its website, an exclusive retail contract with John Bell and Croyden, and a growing affiliate programme involving a number of partners.
Yet despite putting up a good fight against an opponent who weighed in well over the 70kg class, Grieve was unable to claim a win at the prestigious Fairfield Halls in Croyden.
London pharmacist John Bell & Croyden is stocking the Power Plate my7(TM) with Active Ageing software for home use as part of its independent living and rehabilitation range.