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(Placename) a borough in S Greater London (since 1965): formerly important for its airport (1915–59). Pop: 336 700 (2003 est). Area: 87 sq km (33 sq miles)


(ˈkrɔɪd n)

a borough of Greater London, England. 324,900.
References in classic literature ?
Mile after mile they flew, the wind beating in her face, the trees dancing past in two long ranks on either side, until they had passed round Croydon and were approaching Norwood once more from the further side.
My honest and neglected friend, Ingulphus, has furnished me with many a valuable hint; but the light afforded by the Monk of Croydon, and Geoffrey de Vinsauff, is dimmed by such a conglomeration of uninteresting and unintelligible matter, that we gladly fly for relief to the delightful pages of the gallant Froissart, although he flourished at a period so much more remote from the date of my history.
And then one bright day Bert, motoring toward Croydon, was arrested by the insurgence of a huge, bolster-shaped monster from the Crystal Palace grounds, and obliged to dismount and watch it.
Disowned by her father, she marries my hero, and they live in a snug little villa outside Croydon, in which town he is set up as a house agent.
They might have been born there, or have gone to one of Croydon's many schools - or even decided to settle here because it's so great.
Languages undergraduate Sam Croydon was discovered in his room by security staff, on September 25 last year.
Eighteen people were taken to hospital after a route 198 double-decker crashed on Station Road, Croydon, at 12.20pm yesterday.
Prince Harry is scheduled to make an appearance in Croydon on Saturday, March 24.
There are some places in the world with so many tourists that you can feel guilty adding to the crowd, but Croydon is not one of them.