a.1.Curly; curled.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And roving reporter Kelly Crull added about as much as Montana Gov.
Kevin Crull, chief operating officer at Sprint, envisions a world in the coming years where his phone is able to automatically book an Uber ride from an airport based on a calendar reminder that he created about an upcoming flight.
Caption: From left to right, Liz Feehan (administration), Amanda O'Neil (Mobile Unit Director), Tiffany Staman (Executive Director), Wymetta Crull (Nurse), Aimee Orem (Director of Education) and Karyn McDonald (Center Director).
He will report to Kevin Crull, president of the Central Area.
Patricia Crull, Human Capital Development Consultant; Dione Heusel, Smoothie King; Margaret Jackson, Smoothie King; Kathryn Johnson, Edward Jones; Dr.
Seidler (Professor of Philosophy and University Distinguished Professor at Western Kentucy University), "An Introduction to the History of the Principal Kingdoms and States of Europe" was originally translated from German into English in 1695 by Jodocus Crull and quite influential among 18th Century scholars.
Instructional variables included in planning that create successful learning opportunities for students have been identified as time and appropriate practice (Carroll, 1989; Silverman, Tyson, & Morford, 1988), skill progression, and accountability (French et al., 1991; McCaughtry & Rovegno, 2003; Rikard, 1992; Rink, 1994, 2003; Silverman, Kulinna, & Crull, 1995) and can not only increase students' success in an activity, but may also be incorporated into PST planning.
FORD CRULL explores the expressive power of personal and cultural symbols in a series of densely painted and vividly colored compositions.
Tim Crull, Greenock, said: "These people have embarrassed the club.
"A lot of our sayings come from our clients," Bridgette Crull, owner and public relations director of Dallas-based U Lucky Girl Design House told USA Today.