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A robot device used for the exploration of masses of ice or areas trapped under ice, as of polar regions on Earth or ice-covered planets.

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Once through the ice, the device, called a cryobot, would launch a miniature submarine from its belly into the ocean.
The plan is ambitious, but scientists and engineers at the company have already created a prototype of the cryobot and are in the early phases of building the underwater vehicle.
By heating aluminum blocks within the head, the cryobot can melt ice, and then suck in the water and shoot out hot streams.
But the power source worked, and last October the team used it to send the cryobot through a 2-meter-tall block of ice.
At the company's large warehouse-style workshop, half a dozen people gathered around the cryobot.
Light flowed through the fiber to the cryobot and then, Siegel says, "Lo and behold, it actually started to descend.
says drilling is an easier way to go--and it won't require as much power as the cryobot.
Once through the ice crust, a small "hydrobot" would wander off, relaying its data via the cryobot.
An especially interesting chapter deals with planetary balloons, aircraft, submarines, and cryobots.