Cryptomeria japonica

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Noun1.Cryptomeria japonica - tall evergreen of Japan and China yielding valuable soft woodCryptomeria japonica - tall evergreen of Japan and China yielding valuable soft wood
cedar, cedar tree - any of numerous trees of the family Cupressaceae that resemble cedars
Cryptomeria, genus Cryptomeria - Japanese cedar; sugi
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Age structure and regeneration of old growth Cryptomeria japonica forests on Yakushima Island.
Sixteen tree species were angiospermae (Olea europaea, Acer negundo, Magnolia soulangeana, Cercis siliquastrum, Ficus carica, Salix viminalis, Fraxinus excelsior, Prunus subsp., Prunus ceracifera 'Atropurpureum', Eribotrya japonica, Laurocerasus officinalis, Juglans nigra, Quercus pontica, Alnus glutinosa, Trachycarpus fortunei, Populus tremula), and 9 were Gymnospermae (Sequoia sempervirens, Picea orientalis, Cryptomeria japonica, Pinus pinea, Cedrus deodora, Cupressus sempervirens Pyramidalis, Chamaecyparis pisifera, Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest', Cupressoparis leylandii) subspecies (Figure / Sekil 14).
Three wood species, Cryptomeria japonica, Chamaecyparis obtuse, and Larix kaempferi, which are commonly used in the construction of Japanese houses, were prepared.
One of the UK Champions is an enormous red cedar originally from Japan, the Cryptomeria japonica.
(11,12) He performed two-year survey on airborne pollens (mainly in Tokyo) to assess the seasonal variation of Cryptomeria japonica (Japanese cedar), Pinus, and ragweed pollens.
Cryptomeria japonica e originaria da regiao temperada do Japao onde e conhecida como 'sugi', ocorrendo naturalmente entre 600 e 1.800 metros de altitude, em clima caracterizado por invernos frios, com ocorrencia de neve, e veroes moderadamente quentes (EMBRAPA, 1988).
Resultados semelhantes foram encontrados por Carneiro (1985) e Santos (2000), para mudas de Pinus taeda e Cryptomeria japonica, respectivamente, concluindo que mudas maiores sao obtidas nos recipientes de dimensoes maiores, pelo fato de haver um maior crescimento do sistema radicular, e consequentemente, um maior ganho em biomassa seca das mudas.
albopictus larvae, for example, ethanol extract from Evodia rutaecarpa ([LC.sub.50] = 43.21 [micro]g/mL) [27], Cryptomeria japonica ([LC.sub.50] = 93.8 [micro]g/mL) [28], and Knema attenuata ([LC.sub.50] = 141 ppm) 29], essential oil of Clinopodium gracile aerial parts ([LC.sub.50] = 42.56 [micro]g/mL) [30], Zanthoxylum avicennae leaves ([LC.sub.50] = 48.79 [micro]g/mL) [31], Toddalia asiatica roots ([LC.sub.50] = 69.09 [micro]g/mL) [32], and Eucalyptus urophylla ([LC.sub.50] = 95.5 [micro]g/mL) [33], and essential oils of Achillea millefolium ([LC.sub.50] = 211.3 [micro]g/mL), Helichrysum italicum ([LC.sub.50] = 178.1 [micro]g/mL), and Foeniculum vulgare ([LC.sub.50] = 142.9 [micro]g/mL) [34].
He also introduced hundreds of economically important plants, including Japanese persimmon; Eucalyptus globulus tree; Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica); 300 varieties of winter-hardy apples from Russia that had a profound effect on the Northeast's apple growing; camphor tree; one of the first magnolia trees in Washington D.C.; and many more.
In this study, we measured the MC on the surfaces of samples of drying Cryptomeria japonica to determine how the MC of the wood changes during drying.
If you do have room for a big tree, a place where it will be allowed an unencumbered spread of 20 feet, my advice is to go for a Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica), which, when happy, will grow to 30 feet tall in 15 years, forming a pyramidal conifer with lovely finely textured foliage.
National Arboretum, Washington, D.C., for feeding choice experiments: Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica, and false cypress, Chamecyparis obtusa.