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Noun1.Cryptophyta - a phylum in the kingdom Protoctista
kingdom Protoctista, Protoctista - in most modern classifications, replacement for the Protista; includes: Protozoa; Euglenophyta; Chlorophyta; Cryptophyta; Heterokontophyta; Rhodophyta; unicellular protists and their descendant multicellular organisms: regarded as distinct from plants and animals
class Cryptophyceae, Cryptophyceae - motile usually brownish-green protozoa-like algae
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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The effluent of the phytoplancton was represented by the groups Bacillariophyta, Chlorophyta, Euglenophyta, Cyanophyta, Cryptophyta and Dinophyta.
flos-aquae, Lyngbya spp., Chroococcus spp., Cryptophyta: Rhodomonas minuta, and Dinophyta (Ceratium hirundinella).
Strong correlations between SD and Brachionus leydigi, Chrysophyta and Diaphanosoma leuchtenbergianum, Cryptophyta and Theopilium, Ascomorpha ovalis, Hexarthra mira were observed during the CCA.
groups were present including diatoms (Bacillariophyceae), Cryptophyta,
The identification and classification of the phytoplankton were based on Komarek and Anagnostidis (1986) for Chroococcales; Anagnostidis and Komarek (1988) for Oscillatoriales; and Bourrelly (1972) for Euglenophyta, Cryptophyta and Chlorophyta.
2 and 5 Other Metazoa Phyla Other Eukaryote Phyla Chaetognatha Ciliophora Ctenophora Other Alvelata Entoprocta Amoebozoa Hemichordata Cryptophyta Loricifera Loukozoa Gnathifera Glaucophyta Onochophora Choanozoa Porifera Picozoa Rotifera Foraminifera Xenoturbeiidea Rhodophyta Acanthocephala Myzozoa Chordata Apusozoa Cycliophora Heliozoa Gnathostomulida Percolozoa Kinohycha Euglenozoa Mesozoa Haptophyta Nematomorpha Metamunada Placozoa Cercozoa Priapulida Radiozoa Sipuncula Uncultured unicellular Uncultured Metazoa Eukaryote Acknowledgments
After remediation in 1995 the water quality improved considerably and winter crops were initially dominated by diatoms, later gradually shifting to dominance by Cryptophyta (Rhodomonas minuta, R.
The taxa included Cryptophyta, Diatoms, and Pelagophyceae (algae) and Perkinsea, Oomycota, and Labyrinthulomycota (Labyrinthulida), the two last groups additionally having proteins similar to mouse SYCP1.
Zygnemaphyta was the most specious group (94 taxa), followed by Chlorophyta (77 taxa), Bacillariophyta (71 taxa), Cyanophyta (20 taxa), Euglenophyta (12 taxa), Chrysophyta (5 taxa), Dinophyta (2 taxa), Cryptophyta (1 taxa) and Xanthophyta (1 taxa).
There were 7 species (genus) for Euglenophyta and 5 species (genus) for Cryptophyta, accounting for 9.0% and 6.4% of the total number of algae, respectively.